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The Forum for Stable Currencies is unfunded and has no party-political goals. It is a loose and wide network of Parliamentarians and Concerned Citizens who represent a growing number of individuals and organisations internationally. People who have attended meetings cover the full political spectrum and all religious persuasions.

It came together as a result of Lord Sudeley coming to the Global Cafe, the most central Internet Cafe in London, where I hosted discussion meetings every Wednesday, 11am - 1pm. These continue at Global Table meetings at Friends Meeting House in Euston Road hosted by Canon Peter Challen, Chairman of the Christian Council for Monetary Justice

More about us is on Background including the individuals supporting the issues.

During the course of our meetings at the House of Lords, we have agreed on the following principles as our context for coming together:


Money should be the servant not the master of humanity.


Banks’ abilities to create money out of nothing must be curtailed.


Governments need to take responsibility for the Money Supply to ensure its Value   The Rt Hon Lord Caithness


Personal responsibility needs to be maximised  

Our General Outlook:

We aim to: Raise Awareness  •  Educate •  Inform •  Change

Our Concerns:

bulletThe social effects of legalised banking practice which perpetuate the spiral:
Shareholder Returns BulletBlueArrow1202.gif (895 bytes) Overcharging
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. ‘Failed’ Foreign Investment
. about.9.gif (900 bytes)
Increasing National Debt Overdraft Cancellation at Home
about.9.gif (900 bytes) about.9.gif (900 bytes)
Increasing Unemployment about.10.gif (893 bytes) Increasing Bankruptcies
bulletThe fundamental flaws in the debt-based system of national currencies
in global capitalism mean that political democracy is compromised for financial control and the concentration of power is shifting from political structures to financial institutions
bulletThe exponential nature of compound interest in the cyclical progression of National Debts world-wide means an ever-increasing World Debt
Compound Interest BulletBlueArrow1202.gif (146 bytes) Increased National Debts world-wide
about.9.gif (900 bytes)
Increased unpayable debts
about.9.gif (900 bytes)
Increased World Debt Increased Bankruptcies
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Increased National Debt about.10.gif (893 bytes) Increased Unemployment

Our specific outlook in a political and economic context:

bulletWe submit evidence to the House of Lords' Select Committee on the Monetary Policy Committee of the Bank of England  
bulletAppeal to the House of Lords' tradition of long-term thinking and an historic understanding of Britain's politics in the economics of globalisation
bulletLobby Britons not to join the European Monetary Union as long as EURO perpetuates the spiral of
debt BulletBlueArrow1202.gif (146 bytes) interest
BulletBlueArrow1202.gif (146 bytes)
debt BulletBlueArrow1202.gif (146 bytes) inflation
bulletLobby for legislation on 100% reserve policy to stop banks from multiplying money infinitely through credit
bulletLobby the Treasury to issue interest-free notes and coins into the economy.

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Forum for Stable Currencies
Advocating Economic Democracy through Freedom from Debt

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For further information, please call +44 (0207) 328 3701
or e-mail sabineXglobalnet.co.uk

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